Grove is here to stay

Posted by Leah Culver on 28 September 2012

We have some really, really exciting news - Grove is here to stay!

Grove has been acquired by Revolution Systems, a group of fellow Django developers and long-time friends of the company. Revsys will be taking over the operations of the site immediately.

What does this mean for our customers?

Like you, the Revsys team are Grove users so they understand the importance of company communication via IRC. The Revsys team is incredibly excited to be taking over a service they love so much. Their plan is to maintain Grove in the short term and grow and improve the service in the future. This means starting by fixing connectivity issues and improving site performance, and then following on with some awesome new features. We've got some big ideas, and we'd love to hear yours: suggestions are welcome at!

We know that this has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, so we'd like to give you a chance to love us again. So we'll be keeping all accounts free until November 1st. We'll restore normal billing at that time. We'd love for your company to remain a customer, but of course you can cancel during this time without charge. Feel free to send us any questions you may have about billing at

On a personal note, I'll be staying on as an advisor to the new Grove team. I'm incredibly happy and excited to work with Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Frank Wiles on the future of IRC.

-- Leah, Advisor and former CEO,

P.S. - You can read more from Revsys on their blog.