History playback in IRC

Posted by Leah Culver on 1 February 2012

Want to see the lastest messages in your channel directly in your IRC client? Now you can simply use Grove's custom HISTORY command to playback recent messages in a channel:

/history #channel_name

You can even specify the number of past messages you'd like to see (up to 100):

/history #channel_name 40

To playback messages that have mentioned your name, you can use:

/history me

There's also a new setting to playback your channel history when you first connect to Grove. Configure this option by selecting 'Playback last 10 messages in my IRC client' in your account settings.

Thanks to all our early users who have suggested this feature!


ry4an Feb 3, 2012

Hrm, I can't get this to work in irssi. When I try to use a "/history" command irssi tries to capture it and says:

(!) Irssi: Unknown command: history

When I try to send it escaped "/ /history me" I just posts to the channel:

<Ry4an> /history me

Anyone got this working in irssi yet?

jori (Grove team) Feb 3, 2012

It seems that irssi doesn't like custom commands but you can use a script to do this: dispatch.pl sends all unknown command to the server and you can download it here:


We'll include this to our documentation.

leah (Grove team) Feb 3, 2012

ry4an - you can still get the history when you connect though (no custom command required).