Integrate GitHub and other web services with Grove

Posted by Jori Lallo on 14 December 2011

Here at Grove, we're big fans of GitHub and their products are an essential part of our workflow.

That's why I'm so excited to announce that you can now get your GitHub commits directly in your chat stream with just few clicks.

Here's how it looks on the Grove website:

GitHub commits also appear in IRC.

To get started, you'll need to go to your channel settings and follow the instructions in the GitHub integration tab. It's super simple - you just need to copy and paste one URL in your GitHub repository admin.

Other services

Want to post a notification from another service? Grove now offers generic support for posting service messages to your channels. All it requires is a simple HTTP POST.

It's the easiest way to add notifications. No bots required.

You can post any message with a custom service name. You can also add an optional icon and link that will appear in the web client and in the archives.

We hope that you love these notifications messages as much as we do!

And if you're looking a simple way to add a custom bot for Grove, remember to take a look at Hubot.

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caleywoods Dec 14, 2011

Supporting HTTP POST for notifications, interesting. That might be a way yet to have SMS messages enter a chat room.

I wrote the Hubot Twilio script to allow Hubot to send SMS from the chat room. Perhaps setting up a small sinatra app on Heroku and making your twilio SMS number do an HTTP POST over to the chat room would be feasible.