Pricing plan preview

Posted by Leah Culver on 11 November 2011

Lots of people have been asking us about our pricing plans so we'd like to give you all a sneak preview:

Note that you can't actually sign up for any of these plans yet. So enjoy the free trial and let us know what you think!


Austin Nov 11, 2011

Sounds good to me!

jjb Nov 11, 2011

How about a starter plan with no archives that's either free or super cheap. I suppose a free plan would draw in all the rifraf of the whole web... hmmm. Maybe just free for github users who's github account is > 6 months old :-D

natemueller Nov 12, 2011

If the only difference between plans is the number of users I'd much rather pay $3/user/month then have to worry about pricing cliffs or updating my plan to add new users. As a purchaser the tiered pricing trend means more complication and more effort. Something AWS-style where I just get a bill every month based on my usage seems easier for everyone.

smartt Nov 13, 2011

Something more like $1/person would price Grove competitively against 37 Signals' Campfire. I would love to move my company off Campfire and onto a web-chat/IRC hybrid, but not at 2x the cost. Grove is a great idea for businesses with techies and non-techies that need to collaborate via chat, but sadly, we won't switch at those prices.

leah (Grove team) Nov 14, 2011

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!