Touching Base

Posted by Frank Wiles on 16 April 2013

After getting a few questions via email and Twitter about Grove's health and long term financial stability, we wanted to update our blog to help address these questions to a larger audience. Here are a couple of the common questions we've been getting:

So what are you working on? Haven't seen a blog post in awhile...

We've been busy these last months bug fixing and ensuring the stability of Grove in general before making any large feature changes. Obviously we needed to get up to speed on the code in general, but solving all of the Grove stability problems that would occasionally crop up was our first priority. Having said that we're very pleased to report that we have solved all of those issues.

We also have added and expanded Emoji support in Grove, fixed some problems with social registrations, and added some security features around the archive such as being able to disable your users from removing individual items in the archive.

The recent acquisition of Grove is worrisome, what assurances can you give that you'll be around next month?

This one is understandable in retrospect, but at first puzzled me. Who buys a product and then nearly immediately shuts it down? Then I started to think about Silicon Valley, acquihires, and the random things you read about on Hacker News. Revolution Systems purchasing Grove wasn't an acquihire, but a move to help save a service we had come to rely on.

As for financial stability, you don't have to worry about next month, or even next year. Grove is profitable and we see it being profitable long into the future. We're devoting additional money and resources into Grove to add new features and grow our user base considerably over the next year. Grove isn't going anywhere.

As always if you have questions feel free to reach out to us at