Useful new features: @all and @here

Posted by Frank Wiles on 21 April 2014

One of the features we've been meaning to implement for a long time was supporting the common chat idioms of @all and @here. These are useful when wanting to draw attention to everyone who is a member of the channel in the case of @all or all of the currently online users with @here.

They work like this, if you say things like:

Hey @all, I think our site is down. Is anyone working on it?

@all FYI I got some bad chinese food last night and I'm going to be working from home today

Grove notices the @all and sends an alert to every member of the room. This includes desktop notifications for web users and emails for those users offline.

Sometimes however, you only want to bug the people who are online in the cases like:

Yo @here standup meeting is starting in the Fahrvergn├╝gen Conference Room right now!

Hey @here, anyone want to go to lunch

In this case alerts are only sent to users who are online, so no email notifications will be sent.

If you're using the IRC interface to Grove you will need to setup notification rules in your app to alert you when your co-workers use these terms, or not if you're the kind of person who likes to eat alone!

These have already come in quite handy for the Grove Team and we hope you enjoy them. As always if you need anything please reach out to us at Thanks for using Grove!