Live API

Get real-time updates on Grove via long polling.


The organization is the name of the desired organization (case-insensitive). The client can be any unique string you choose which represents a single instance of your application. For example, you could use your app name plus the user ID (myapp-1234).

HTTP basic access authentication is required.

A request to Live can hang for up to 10 seconds so be prepared to wait. The response will return sooner if there are new updates.

Presence is also managed by the Live endpoint. Each request to Live will keep the authenticated user present on the site. For this reason, as soon as you receive a response from this endpoint, you should start a new request.

Use the cursor request parameter to track your place and prevent missing messages between requests. Each response will contain a cursor which you should use as the next request's cursor. This will allow you to catch any messages you might have missed. The first time you make a request to Live you do not need to specify a cursor, or you can optionally set it to null. An initial cursor is also provided in the organization endpoint.

Use the optional immediate request parameter to have results returned immediately. You can use this to verify a connection to the Live endpoint.

The Live endpoint will return a variety of types of messages which you can use to update the state of your application.

There are more types of messages returned from the Live endpoint, but they can be safely ignored.