Frequently Asked Questions

What does Grove provide that other IRC servers do not?

Grove gives you archives of your chat history, search, user accounts, channel access management tools, GitHub integration, an easy-to-use web client, and much more.

Does Grove support SSL?

Yes. The Grove website is always SSL and you can connect to IRC over SSL using port 6697. To require SSL for all connections to your IRC server, visit your organization settings page and select SSL required.

Bots? What about bots?

Any IRC bot will work with Grove. We like GitHub's Hubot. You can also use a quick POST to our API to send bot-like notifications.

Someone posted something bad! Can I permanently delete the message?

Yes, you can delete individual messages from the archives page and the message will be permanently removed from our database. The person who posted the message and all organization owners have permission to delete messages.

Can I turn off logging for a channel?

Yes, you can turn off logging for a channel by selecting Turn off archiving for this channel when editing the channel. You can always turn logging back on later.

Does Grove support private messages?

You can send private messages through IRC by using the /msg nickname command. To send a private message in the web client, just click on the user's name.

Can I use a custom domain for my IRC server?

Yes, you can set up a custom domain for your IRC server, such as See our instructions for setting up a custom domain.

How do I export message data from Grove?

Simply append .json to any archive page URL to get the message data in JSON format.

How do I reset my password?

All you need to do is go through the password reset process which you can find here reset Grove password