Colloquy for iPhone

  1. Download and install Colloquy for iPhone

    Download Colloquy - IRC client from the App Store.

  2. Create a new IRC connection

    When you open Colloquy the first time it prompts you to create a new connection. You can also click the + in the upper left of the Connections screen to add a new connection.

    Create a new connection with the following settings.

    • Settings

    • Description: Name for your organization
    • Address: <orgname>
    • Nickname: Your username

    Open the Advanced section to set your Server Port, Password, and Nick Pass.

    • Settings

    • Server Port: 6667 (for SSL use 6697)
    • Password: Your organization name (not your password)
    • Nick Pass: Your password
  3. Join channels

    Colloquy for iPhone should join all your channels automatically.

    To join a channel manually, click the + button in the upper left of the Colloquies screen. Available channels are listed on your dashboard.