WeeChat is a popular terminal based IRC client available for serveral operating systems.

Once you have installed WeeChat on your system, the easiest way to get it working with Grove is to launch WeeChat once. This will create a configuration file you can edit so you don't have to issue a bunch of /set commands every time you want to login to Grove. This configuration file should be located in ~/.weechat/irc.conf

Open this file in your favorite text editor and edit the [server] block with the following values:

grove.addresses = "organame.irc.grove.io/6667"
grove.password = "orgname"
grove.autoconnect = on
grove.nicks = "YOUR-USERNAME"
grove.username = "YOUR-USERNAME"
grove.command = "/msg nickserv identify YOUR-USER_PASSWORD-HERE"

With these settings WeeChat will automatically connect to your Grove server and auto-join the channels you are a member of. For more help please consult the WeeChat Documentation or reach out to us at team@grove.io and we'll do our best to get you setup.