Irssi is a popular terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems. Here's how to get started using Grove with Irssi.

  1. Connect to your organization's IRC server

    Open Irssi and enter the following command with your organization's information:

    /connect <orgname> 6667 <orgname> <username>

    To use SSL secured connection, use:

    /connect -SSL <orgname> 6697 <orgname> <username>

  2. Identify with NickServ

    After connecting to the server, enter the following command to identify yourself with NickServ:

    /msg NickServ identify <password>

  3. Join channels

    Once you have successfully connected and authenticated, Irssi will join all your channels automatically.

Note: If you want to use Grove's custom /history command you need to install the following script: