Setting up IRC

Here are some basic instructions for getting started with IRC.

Setup a specific IRC client

IRC settings

Use these general settings for connecting to Grove.

If your IRC client doesn't support NickServ authentication during configuration, you can use the following IRC command to authenticate once you have connected:

/msg NickServ identify <password>


To connect to Grove IRC via SSL, select the SSL setting and connect to port 6697.

Organization owners - to require SSL for all connections to your server, visit your organization settings page and select SSL required.

Custom domain

You can configure your own domain for Grove. To do so you need to add a new CNAME record which points to Grove.

Channel history

Want to see the lastest messages in your channel directly in your IRC client? You can simply use Grove's custom HISTORY command to playback recent messages in a channel:

/history #channel_name

You can also specify the number of past messages you'd like to see (up to 100):

/history #channel_name 40

To playback messages that have mentioned your username, you can use:

/history me

There's also a setting to playback your channel history when you first connect to Grove. Configure this option by selecting Playback last 10 messages in my IRC client in your account settings.

Want to turn off logging? Simply edit the channel and select Turn off archiving for this channel.