1. Download and install Linkinus

    If you don't already have Linkinus installed, visit the Linkinus website to download and install the software on your Mac.

  2. Create an identity

    Before creating a new connection you'll need to check that your identity settings are correct. Open Preferences... from the Linkinus menu and select Identities.

    Make sure you have the following settings:

    • Settings

    • Username: Your username
    • Realname: Your username
    • Preferred nicknames: Your username
    • Authentication passwords: Your password
  3. Create a new connection

    Click the + button to create a new connection.

    To connect to your organization's IRC server, click the + New Network button in the bottom left corner.

    Create a new connection with the settings show below.

    Use the following settings to create a connection:

    • Settings

    • Network name: Your organization name
    • Authentication Service: NickServ

    Click the + button to create a new server with the following configuration:

    • Settings

    • Server hostname or IP address: <orgname>
    • Port: 6667 (for SSL use 6697)
    • Password: Your organization name (not your password)
  4. Success!

    Once you have connected, Linkinus will automatically join all your channels.