Fluid.app makes it easy to transform web applications into desktop apps. Grove's web client is designed to work with Fluid and you get native Growl notifications and dock badges to go with it.

  1. Download and install Fluid

    If you don't already have Fluid installed, visit the Fluid's website to download and install the software on your Mac.

  2. Download the Grove Fluid icon

    Download Grove Fluid icon

  3. Create Grove.io application

    Fire up Fluid and it will prompt you information about the app. Enter the following settings:

    • URL: http://grove.io/app (or the if you have more than one organization, copy the web client url)
    • Name: Grove.io
    • Location: Applications
    • Icon: The Grove Fluid icon you downloaded

    And that's it, just login and start chatting. If you ever want to disable desktop notifications, you can set the following variable in UserScripts:

    window.disableFluidNotification = true;