1. Download and install Trillian

    If you don't already have Trillian installed, visit the Trillian homepage to download and install the software on your PC.

  2. Create a new connection

    Select Trillian -> Manage Accounts and click the Add new account... button and select IRC.

    Create a new IRC account with the following settings.

    • Settings

    • Account name: Your organization name
    • Nick name: Your username
    • Server Host: <orgname>
    • Automatically connect to this account at startup: Select this option if you like

    Click Connect when you are done.

  3. Modify your connection

    Click the Settings button to finish configuring your account. In the Connection Settings tab enter the following settings.

    • Settings

    • Hostname: <orgname>
    • Port: 6667 (for SSL use 6697)
    • Server requires SSL connection: Select this option to connect via SSL
    • Server password: Your organization name (not your password)

    In the Miscellaneous tab, enter the command to identify with NickServ.

    /msg NickServ identify <password>

    Click Disconnect then click Reconnect to update your account with these settings.

  4. Join channels

    Trillian should join all your channels automatically. To join a channel manually, select Join a channel... in the IRC account menu. Available channels are listed on your dashboard.